Multi-Point Inspections

Multi-Point Insepctions

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Our free Multi-Point Inspection: Like giving your Hyundai a complete physical

We're sure you schedule regular Hyundai oil changes and other recommended maintenance. But how often does anyone take a close look at your drive shaft boots or check your suspension? Technicians may notice trouble spots when servicing a car, but what's needed is an intensive, comprehensive exam of the many crucial car parts that could be nearing wear-out. At Keith Hawthorne Hyundai in Gastonia, NC, we call that a Multi-Point Inspection.

It's a focused look at your entire car, and at our dealership, there's no charge

Important (and sometimes expensive) components of your vehicle can end up failing prematurely, simply because (a) those parts are generally out of sight and (b) no one is taking a close look at their condition. That's why we offer our free Multi-Point Inspection. It puts one of our Hyundai factory-trained technicians in charge of finding any potential trouble spots to allow them to be fixed as early as possible, which can avoid more costly repairs.

Some of the important questions our Multi-Point Inspection can answer

The service expert assigned to your Hyundai vehicle will ask: Are the headlights working properly, lighting up the roads around Hickory and Shelby NC, without blinding other drivers? Are the taillights working well so they alert other drivers if you have to brake suddenly? Is the windshield clear of distracting cracks or chips? Do the windshield wipers clear away heavy rain in Clover, SC without streaking and obstructing your view?

Our technician will also be investigating: Does the horn work well enough to alert other drivers in case of an impending accident? Are belts and hoses functioning properly and not at risk of leaking or breaking in a way that could leave you stranded? Does the coolant need to be changed to avoid overheating and damaging your engine? Does this vehicle have clean, well-functioning lubrication for the engine, transmission, brakes and power steering?

It's always best to find trouble spots early so they can be fixed more economically

Our Multi-Point inspection will look at your tires to see if the tread is deep enough to provide the traction you need for safety, and whether there's uneven wear that could shorten the life of your tires. Our technician will also check the cables and connections to your battery, cleaning them as needed for better performance. If you need new tires or a new battery, we can show you a wide range of quality choices with a variety of affordable prices.

If your vehicle needs new parts, we'll make sure they're genuine Hyundai parts

We will never give you anything less than our best, and that certainly applies to replacement parts that are sometimes needed for your Hyundai. Genuine Hyundai parts are engineered according to Hyundai's exact specifications and manufactured at Hyundai's high level of quality. They're the same parts your Hyundai was built with, so they fit your vehicle perfectly. That's why they help your Hyundai perform better and last longer.

We're here to help you with high-quality new cars, used cars and service after the sale

We maintain a broad selection of new Hyundai cars and SUVs, as well as a wide range of choices in used cars, trucks and SUVs from all major brands. Ask about the incredibly high cash and trade-in offers we can make right now for your used car. In whatever way we can be of service, please contact us soon and allow us to address your automotive needs comprehensively at Keith Hawthorne Hyundai in Gastonia, NC.