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Choose Hyundai Brake Service at Keith Hawthorne Hyundai of Gastonia

Having good brakes can ensure you enjoy the most time with your vehicle. At Keith Hawthorne Hyundai of Gastonia, we want to help Gastonia drivers get the most enjoyment from Hyundai vehicles, which means maintaining their brakes. Whether you drive an Elantra, Santa Fe, or IONIQ Hybrid, we can perform top-notch brake service for your vehicle. The following brake service overview will show you why you need to bring your Hyundai to our Charlotte-area service center.

Why Excellent Brakes Prove Critical for Hyundai Vehicles

Safety represents the most significant reason your Hyundai needs brakes that perform in all conditions. Unexpected stops and slowdowns serve as part of the heavy Gastonia-area rush hour traffic conditions. Your brakes allow you to decrease your speed and come to a gentle stop gradually, so you want to keep your brakes in excellent condition. Our customers can expect brakes that give them a smooth, safe ride from any of our new or used Hyundai vehicles.

Signs You Need Brake Service

Any issues with brakes require immediate attention. If you notice any difference in your brake's performance, you need immediate professional attention. Driving around Fort Mill, SC with worn brake pads or a leaking brake fluid line can cause more complex issues with your vehicle. Due to the critical role brakes play in safety, you'll never want to leave your brake problems to chance.

Although brake warning lights often illuminate long before any noticeable changes in braking occur, you should still make an appointment before a minor issue becomes a significant problem. Other symptoms of brake-related woes include squealing, grinding, steering wheel or pedal vibrations, and a burning smell around your tires. If you find yourself pressing your brakes down a bit further, you may also develop issues with your brakes that we should check as soon as possible.

More Than New Brake Pads

Although brake pad replacement represents an essential service, you will find many other forms of brake maintenance at our dealership. Our Hyundai service team can help you choose the correct components for your brake repairs. We will answer your brake system questions so you make an informed decision about the auto parts you buy. We also have experience spotting issues, repairing, and replacing Hyundai braking systems.

Hyundai brake systems provide balanced, reliable braking with proper maintenance. Issues can occur with any portion of the braking system. Your brake lines serve as a good example. If they develop a leak, your braking system will lose hydraulic pressure and eventually not work at all. Worn brake pads can also cause pressure to drop, so you must get professional help in the Hickory, NC region.

We Use Top-Notch Parts

At our service center, we exclusively use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Whether you need new brake shoes, pads, or several other components, OEM parts represent the same parts shipped with your new vehicle. The manufacturer made these auto parts specifically to provide optimal performance for new Hyundai vehicles.

Using genuine Hyundai parts also means you can get as much wear as possible from your vehicle's components. When installed correctly, you can expect to get anywhere between 30,000 and 70,000 miles of use from your Sonata's brake pads before they need replacing. This wide range of mileage reflects our customer's wildly different driving habits, something not possible without the right brake pads.

Contact Our Hyundai Trained Team

Our team receives training using official Hyundai educational materials and by factory representatives. We also have many years of experience working with these vehicles and have the skills needed to give you a comfortable, safe ride. Your Hyundai remains in good hands when you bring it to our service center.