Whether you’re trick-or-treating with Vampires or trying to find the best deal on a new vehicle, it can be a pain in the neck. This October, and all year round, Keith Hawthorne Hyundai of Gastonia is simplifying the car buying process by giving you the absolute best prices on all new or used Hyundai’s without making you feel like you have to go from door-to-door. Because although the kids love the candy, parents know there’s nothing sweeter than a good deal that will save thousands. To celebrate the upcoming holiday, we want to have some fun on the blog so we’re listing out our favorite, and some all-around festive puns and jokes to reign in the Halloween spirit. So, without further ado, here are 10 of our favorite Halloween related puns & jokes.


1.     What’s a Pumpkins favorite sport? Squash.

2.     What do you call a Pumpkin that likes to work out? A Jock O’ Lantern or Jacked O’ Lantern.

3.     How do you repair a broken jack o’ lantern? By using a Pumpkin Patch.

4.     What did they serve at the Halloween beach party? Sand-witches!

5.     What did the mummy say when Halloween was over? That’s a wrap!

6.     Why did the ghost call an Uber after the Halloween party early? He couldn’t handle his boo’s! (please remember to never drink and drive)

7.     Why wouldn’t the skeleton go in the haunted house? He had no guts.

8.     What do you call a skeleton who refuses to help you clean? Lazy bones.

9.     Why are skeletons always so calm? Nothing gets under their skin.

10.  Where do ghosts go on vacation? Mali-boo.


Whether it’s funny puns, jokes, or good deals on Hyundai’s, Keith Hawthorne has you covered this fall. So, after all the candy is gone, come on into your local Hyundai Dealer, Keith Hawthorne Hyundai of Gastonia, for a test drive in one of your favorite Hyundai’s or used car models. We have the lowest prices on all 2019 and 2020 Hyundai’s year-round and when you shop with us you get even more value with the Keith Hawthorne Advantage. Halloween is one thing, but there’s nothing scary about getting the best deal possible on a new vehicle! View our Inventory online here.

Happy Halloween Gastonia!