Experience Convenience With Hyundai Blue Link®

Besides the outstanding array of tech found within the new Hyundai models, you'll also enjoy the tech found right on your smartphone when you connect to the Hyundai Blue Link® app. This three-year complimentary service will not only make your life easier, but will also keep you enjoying your vehicle whether or not you're in the driver's seat or even in the car at all.

What Type Of Things Will Hyundai Blue Link® Allow You To Do?

  • Remote Start with Climate Control - Is it hot outside and you'd love your car to be cool as soon as you get in? Is it chilly and you're looking forward to the warmth radiating from your SUV? Use the remote start and make your cabin as cool or warm as you want before you sit in the driver's seat.
  • Remote Door Lock & Unlock - With a set PIN you can lock/unlock your Hyundai from wherever you are. Does your son need to get his soccer ball out of the trunk and you're resting in the park? Unlock it without moving an inch. Did you get into your house and forget to lock your car? Rest at ease by locking your vehicle without having to search for your key fob.
  • On-Demand Diagnostics & Alerts - To know how your vehicle is doing, simply read through the personalized vehicle health reports and schedule your service when it's needed.
  • Remote Car Finder - Have you spent way longer at the mall to come out and realize you forgot where you parked? Use the remote car finder and it will show you a map of where your car is.
  • And Many More - The above are just a few of the many things Hyundai Blue Link® can do. From the Vehicle Charging Dashboard for your hybrid model and Stolen Vehicle Recovery to Enhanced Roadside Assistance and Geofence, Curfew, and Speed Alert that will help you keep track of your teen driver, the Hyundai Blue Link® app is prepared for many different situations and occasions.

To find your new Hyundai model, visit Keith Hawthorne Hyundai Of Gastonia. Our sales consultants would love to help you discover which new Hyundai car or SUV would work best for you and can discuss the features of the Hyundai Blue Link® app in more detail.

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