How Do Genuine Hyundai Parts Compare to Aftermarket Parts?

You love your Hyundai so much that you like to do all the work on it yourself. We get it! Plenty of drivers in Gastonia love to maintain and repair their own Hyundai, and we want to help. When you get ready to pop the hood, make sure you use genuine Hyundai parts from the Parts Center here at Keith Hawthorne Hyundai of Gastonia!

How do genuine Hyundai parts compare to aftermarket parts? There are three huge differences.

  • Quality: First, aftermarket parts are made to be cheap and fit many different vehicles. The materials used aren't always very good, and they're not specialized. Genuine Hyundai parts, on the other hand, are built specifically for your Hyundai model, and are factory grade quality. That means they're as high quality as your Hyundai itself.
  • Longevity: You know what happens when you use higher quality genuine Hyundai parts? They last longer.
  • Savings: Using longer lasting parts translates into long term savings, simply because you won't have to do as many repairs in the future.

Are you ready to have a great repair? Request your needed genuine Hyundai parts today!

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